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Control your home



(and some other tools...)
Smart Home
Home Automation

4 floors
small building footprint
My House

Control Shutters
from everywhere

Largest gadget
I can think of,I-6-439998-22.jpg
maybe a nice toy
Remote Switch
(not talking about Nest or similar)
An App is
Holy Grail
or automatic control,
is the use of various control
systems for operating
equipment [...] with minimal or
reduced human
intervention. Some processes
have been completely automated."

  • (Dimmed) Lights
  • Wall sockets
  • Shutters
  • Heating
  • no Client-Server
  • Bus
  • Sensors // Actors
Sensors and Actors
(a Switch is not a switch anymore)
Switch / Sensor is intelligent and
knows which actor to control
Program sensors/actors
via a proprietary
Windows Software
called ETS (booo...) /
IP Gateway
- Java
- App
- (Poor man's REST)
- connect to KNX
- Huge set of bindings available
You can program, but...
- Presence Detection via WiFi
- Presence Detection via Bluetooth
- Collect Data
- Let Nabaztag talk and blink
- ...
Flows // Sequences
If later than 1 hour after sunset
and shutters are up then message
to TV and Nabaztag.
If no manual interaction within the 
next 15 min shut down all Shutters
Turn on TV and
start Netflix or Amazon or ...
Burglar Alarm
Everybody left home
and door to the terrace is open
then msg to smart phones
Cup of Coffee in the morning
(and a message if it's ready)
Big Picture
The more
time you invest 
the more
ideas you get

Is Apple or Google
smart enough to
make it obsolete?
Will it ever
be finished?
Virtual Reality